The Adoption Process

I take my role in seeking and finding quality adoptive homes seriously, and I appreciate the emotional struggles my clients have had to deal with to get this far. My role is to conduct the home study investigative interviews and reports required for adoption in Iowa in a professional manner.

Home Study

I conduct a minimum of two interviews and talk with families about their interest and motivation for adoption. We discuss their families of origin, relationship history, and experience with children. In addition to those interviews, I conduct record checks and gather a number of supporting documents that verify the information provided in the home study report. I will also contact both solicited and unsolicited references on behalf of the family regarding their interest in adopting. The home study process usually takes 4-6 weeks.


4 R Kids believe parenting an adopted child is a life-long commitment and requires specific knowledge to ensure the child’s well-being.

In an effort to ensure 4 R Kids’ families are prepared for this journey, 4 R Kids has joined with Adoptions Learning Partners’ Participating Agency Program to deliver on-line adoption related training for our clients.

6 hours of training about adoption related issues will be required before continuing the adoption process. All courses taken for licensing/approval must be taken through Adoption Learning Partners.

Post Adoption

I can also provide the post adoptive services required by the State of Iowa in the first six months of placement prior to the adoption finalization. This includes a series of three visits done in the home after a child has been placed in the home to assess and evaluate how the placement is progressing towards the finalization. After each visit a written report is prepared for the court with a recommendation if the placement should continue and progress towards finalization.